Side by Side Hospital Volunteer

Alzheimer's Society (West Somerset)

Name: Side by Side Hospital Volunteer
Organisation: Alzheimer's Society (West Somerset)


As a volunteer you will provide invaluable, person centred opportunities for people living with dementia during their stay in hospital. You could enable someone to take part in social and recreational activities on the ward or keep someone connected to the things they love - such as listening to music, simply enjoying a good conversation or taking part in their favourite group activities.

Your involvement keeps people with dementia connected, ensuring they feel less isolated during their time in hospital by focussing on individuals strengths and preferences to remain active and more confident.

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Organisation Description

Alzheimer's Society provides information and support to people with dementia, their carers, families and friends, and education for the health and social care sector. We exist to champion the rights of everyone with dementia and those who care for them. Drawing on our unique knowledge we will become a world-class authority on all aspects of living with dementia; guarantee the availability of accurate and authoritative information; strive for universal access to quality services; galvanise investment for research into the causes, prevention, treatment and care of people with dementia.

Applications via the Do-It website will be sent to Engage. Engage will receive your information and then process the application and forward your details on to The Alzheimer's Society.


  Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Cause / Interests

  • Disability
  • Older people

Types of Activity

  • Befriending

Skills and Qualifications


Will require a criminal record check (DBS)
Will require references


This role will suit you if you are:

* Passionate about supporting, enabling and empowering people with dementia and have a committed, flexible approach.

* Good verbal communication and listening skills, especially face to face.

* Comfortable in a hospital environment and enjoy being within a changing sea of service users.

* Happy to volunteer individually and remotely, yet understand you are part of a larger team.

Additional/Specific Suitabilities

Minimum Age: NA
Maximum Age: NA
Disabled Access: No
Wheelchair Access: No
Expenses: NA
Restrictions: NA
Induction: NA
Insurance Cover: NA
Special Needs: NA
Offer: NA
Training: The level of commitment for this role is flexible and will be discussed at your first meeting with the Side by Side Co-ordinator. This could be during afternoons, evening or weekends.Applications via the Do-It website will be sent to Engage. Engage wil
Other: NA

Recruitment Method